Thursday, August 6, 2009

How soon is too soon?

I am so happy that Gus entered the world with a full head of hair. I don't think that he would be nearly as cute with a bald head. I love that right after his bath his hair sticks straight up on end. People keep telling me that his new born hair would fall out...but when?!?! It has thinned out a little bit, but I think it is just getting longer.

So I am beginning to wonder how soon is too soon to cut my son's hair. He has this crazy baby mullet going on in the back of his head. I am trying to refrain from getting out the scissors. At what point is it reasonable to cut a baby's hair. I'm not asking for much cut off...just the mullet. I am offen told that I am crazy...but would this be over the top?

I am going to try to control myself. But just a warning to all those around us...keep your scissors hidden. There is no telling when I will lose control and go after that MULLET!!

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