Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun times in the Orchard

Gus and I went to visit Gramma and Papa in Byron Center for a couple of days. Aunt Annie came to visit us last Tuesday and spent the night. Gus and I then rode back to Byron Center with her on Wednesday. Before we left for the west side of the state Annie and I took Gus to his 2 month doctors appointment. Gus now weighs 13 lbs and 6 oz and is 23.5 inches long. He is growing like a weed!! The doctor wanted Gus to start sleeping through the night, or at least longer than 3 hours. We were told to cut out one of the middle of the night feedings. I decided to try this our first night at my parents fun!! The first night was rough but now he is sleeping at least 5 hours at night time. YAHOO!!!

On our way to see Gramma and Papa!!! Apple orchard here we come!!!

Reading the paper with Papa in his big chair.

Joel finally joined us on Friday for my cousin Andrea's wedding. We are so excited that she finally married Eddy. He and Joel get along really well (a.k.a. "get into trouble together") and Eddy fits in with the whole Otto family. We were pretty excited. Not only that but it was Gus' first wedding. He had a great time!!

My beautiful cousin, Andrea and her dad, my Uncle Chris. So glad that the rain stopped long enough for the ceremony to be outside.
At the reception they had a "snowball" dance. When the DJ said "snowball" everyone dancing had to go find someone else to dance with. My cousin, Nate, came to get Gus out on the dance floor. Unfortunately, Gus slept in his stroller the entire time and didn't know how much fun he was having. I think that the rest of us had enough fun for him.
Gus had a chance to snuggle with the beautiful bride!! He had so much fun at his first wedding!
Later in the weekend, Gus finally got to wear his "Spike" shirt. Before he was born we called him "Spike". When we found this shirt we HAD to have it!! The look on his face tells me that he isn't so sure about this shirt, but I think it is pretty cute!
Joel and I had our first night out together without Gus. We went to South Haven for the evening to hang out with our friends, Sally and Tim.
We had a great time visiting but it is nice to be home. We spent time today up at school. Gus got to help in both Momma's classroom and Daddy's classroom. We went out to lunch then with Uncle Mike and Auntie Diane. And then Diane, Gus and I continued on a small shopping trip. We found a baptism outfit for Gus and went to Office Max. Gotta help Gus gain the love for office supplies. I LOVE office supply stores. The poor kid will probably spend lots of time there.
Gus gets his 2 month shots tomorrow. Should be a fun day for all of us....

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