Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today is a bummer of a day. Gus got his second Hep B shot this morning. And he has been angry ever since. (He is giving us his very serious look.) We ran some errands this afternoon and then visited some friends this evening. It was only after we got home did the fever erupt. YUCK!! So now we are watching that fever and dealing with a crabby little guy. But the best part of today...Gus is now on our insurance!!! We had to wait until we received legal placement in order to put him on our insurance. After we got that call on Thursday we went into school to add him. Found out today that he is in fact on our insurance. YIPPEE!!! Things are starting to fall into place.

This weekend we went to Connecticut to visit the Swidorskis. It was such a short trip, it was so nice to see them. Uncle Joel was greeted by Ewan with a beer. I don't think a two year old ever served Joel a beer...too funny! At times in the Swidorski house there were 10 adults and 6 children under the age of 3. Never a dull moment!! I am so thrilled that we were able to be at the baptism of Ellie and Rachel. As their godparents I felt it was important for us to be there if we could. I am glad it worked out for us to go. We were so honored to be asked to be the godparents of the twins. This is such an honor for us and we love this family so much! We don't get to see them nearly enough but we are excited to watch our kids grow...and to watch Joel and Jacob get themselves into trouble!! (Sara and I never cease to be amazed by the trouble our husbands get into when they are together!)

We survived our first road trip as our little family. Gus did so good in the car. What a long trip for such a little guy. (And yes, his momma made him and Daddy pose for a picture at the Connecticut welcome center...gotta scrapbook it!) We survived Gus' first shot at the doctor's office and most importantly we survived that 5 week risk period until the birthmom signed off her rights. I am so thankful for everything in life right now and I am starting to calm down a little bit. Now we can begin to enjoy our life and the rest of the summer.

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