Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gus is one month old!!

Cannot believe that Gus is one month old now!

Life has been pretty busy around here lately. I am back to work at my internship and I am trying desperately to get all of my hours in as soon as possible. Joel is back in the weightroom with the football players a couple of mornings a week. When we are not interning or opening the weightroom, we get to play with Gus.
The walls of our little townhouse seem to be getting closer and closer these days so we are trying to get out of the house a little bit more. Whenever we want to get out but don't know what to do, we go to what we affectionately refer to as "our weekend home"...Sarah and Jason's house. We are over there a lot so we consider it our home away from home. It helps that it belongs to Joel's sister so we do get to spend time with our neice and nephew a lot! Brendan and Hannah have really seemed to enjoy hanging out with Gus. They are so kind and attentive to Gus and often argue over who gets to hold Gus or push his stroller. It is too cute!! I love those munchkins so much and I love the fact that they love their little cousin. I am so thrilled that Gus will have two of his cousins living close by to makes living over here a little bit easier.

Brendan and Gus like to just chill on the couch together. How funny are they just lounging there?!?

Hannah is so sweet with Gus. Her eyes sparkle when she is with him. I love when she sings songs to him!

Tomorrow Gus has another doctors appointment. We are excited to see how much weight our chunky monkey has gained. I am guessing that it will be 11.9 lbs. Joel is guessing 11.3 lbs. We shall see! Today I packed away all of Gus' "newborn" clothing. They were getting kind of tight...a little bittersweet. One to "bigger" things...
We have a big week ahead of us. We are finally in the home stretch of the "risk period". The court date is set for Thursday. Only the birthmom goes to court to sign off. I will be very happy to have that behind us. I have been manifesting my stress and anxiety physically and I am hoping to feel better by the weekend. AND I hope to be in Connecticut this weekend. Once the birthmom signs off, we will be allowed to leave the state with Gus. Joel and I are the godparents of the Swidorski twins, Ellie and Rachel. We are so honored to be asked to be their godparents! The baptism is Sunday and we would so love to be there. And we can't wait to meet the twins and have the whole Swidorski family meet Gus.
Please keep praying this week as it is bound to be a stressful one. Only 4 more days...not that I am counting down at all...

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