Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oops...I've been a little sidetracked...

I meant to get back on here two weeks ago after the last ultrasound, but things have been a little hectic around here with the end of the school year, the end of Joel's track season (in which he has 2 kids going to state finals!!), the end of my graduate classes and the beginning of my agency internship. Oh yeah...and we are trying to prepare our house for Spike! I realized that I haven't been on here for a while so I thought I had better update everyone. Up until now, this blog has been all about Spike and waiting for him. As life rolls on, this blog will begin to document all parts of our life as a family. There is lots going on right now for your reading enjoyment.

I got to go to another ultrasound with "J" two weeks ago. The measurements indicated that Spike is a big boy. He is approximately 1 lb bigger than the typical baby this far along. But that is okay. Everything looks good. We were able to schedule the c-section as well. As long as everything goes as planned and Spike does not show up early, he is scheduled to arrive on June 18th.

So we continue to wait patiently (or at least as patiently as possible in this type of situation). In the mean time some really fun things have happened.

  • My friend Amy J found out that she is pregnant. She has had a rough road to get here and I am so thrilled for her and her hubby, Chris. So exciting!!
  • My friend, Ginger and her husband Rob are also expecting a baby. They found out today that it is a boy! They are naming him Kegan. We are pumped that Spike will have a buddy to play with around the corner. (And 4 roads away.) We also realized that they could even be going to the same school and in the same classroom. Crazy that we can even think that far ahead.
  • My life-long friend, Sally Anne called me on Sunday to tell me that she got engaged!! I am beyond excited for her. I haven't been able to see her yet but I can't wait to give her a huge hug! (If you are driving by Lansing on Sunday and you see two ladies jumping around in the Applebees parking lot...that will be us. I can't wait to have dinner with her, Tim and her daughter, McKenna. Such fun!
  • I have my last graduate class this weekend. I will be in class all Friday night and all day Saturday. YAHOO!!! Just have to finish that really big paper and my internships.
  • I officially start my agency internship on Tuesday by co-facilitating a group for people within the transgender population. I am sure that I will learn a lot. I hope that I can also help the group by being there.
  • Joel is taking 2 kids to Track State Finals this weekend. It is so great that they made it this far and we just hope that they power through and do well this weekend.
Life is good right now...if we could just get out of school for the summer and meet Spike it would be perfect.

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