Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

The past two weeks have been pretty busy in the Stapleton house. In addition to the chaos of our every day life of work, coaching and grad classes, we have been busy getting ready for "Spike". And check it out...I found a t-shirt with Baby Stape's nickname on it!!

Our brother-in-law, Jason, was super nice by helping us out. Jason volunteered to climb up into our attic, cut a hole in the nursery ceiling and install a ceiling fan! I am so excited to finally have a ceiling fan in that extra room. In addition to that, he helped put in a new light in our bathroom and helped Joel haul some furniture downstairs. Thank you, Jason!!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about the classes Joel and I signed up for. Last week we went to the CPR class and became certified in CPR. We are now card carrying trained CPR-ers. Scary to think about ever having to use it, but I am so glad that I am prepared just in case.

Last night, Joel had a track meet so I went to the baby care class on my own. There was so much information presented in this course. Learned all about feeding, changing, immunizing, bathing, SIDS, colic, umbilical cords, circumcision and so much more! (Plus we got a lot of fun free stuff...bottles, pacifiers, diapers,!) From this I decided that I am not sure how well I will cope with the umbilical cord stump...totally grosses me out. Everyone I talked to today said that when it is your baby, it is no big deal...I am not sure that I believe them.

I get to go with "J" again to the doctor tomorrow. She is going to have another ultrasound so I get to see Spike again! Yahoo!! The doctor's appointments are now every two weeks...we are getting closer!!

Somebody asked me today if I was getting excited for Spike to be born. That is a tricky question. Of course I am excited, but I am really more excited to get past the awkwardness/legalities that come along with the adoption process and be able to begin our life as a that is exciting!! We won't have to wait too much longer!

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